Sunday, October 31, 2010

Are you doing everything it takes to be the best?

What are you passionate about (in work or life)?

Lean Six Sigma?
Real estate?
Stock Investing?

When we’re passionate about something, we usually strive to be the best (or at least the best we can be). We gain knowledge through school, training, reading, and other forms of education. We refine our skills through practice and experience. But there’s one key aspect of development that often gets overlooked… mentorship!

To fully reach the pinnacle of expertise, mentorship is critical. A mentor can be anyone more experienced, typically a trusted friend, counselor, or colleague. But it’s a two-way proposition; you must find someone to act as your mentor and another to accept you as theirs. Regardless of your discipline, I can guarantee that there’s someone out there who knows a little bit more, and someone who knows a little bit less than you do.

Through the mentorship process, you will learn so much through the experiences (and mistakes) of others. Best of all, you will help another person grow by sharing your own insight and know-how. If you’re serious about being the best, go find a mentor and mentee today; it’s easier than you think!

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