Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ASQ Influential Voices: Own Your Destiny

In his blog this month, ASQ CEO, Paul Borawski writes about quality training within organizations.

While I think it's essential for organizations to provide education and training opportunities to employees, we'd be naive to rely solely on that outlet.  Our world is simply changing too fast!  To stay competitive, modern professionals must upgrade their skills and knowledge on a continual basis.  Your career path is unique to you and only you.  So it's up to us to figure out the precise set of skills, experiences, and training we'll need to be successful, for both our current job and our next job.

But which skills?  Like a savvy investor that hedges their bets by having a balanced portfolio of both blue chip and growth stocks, we need to do the same with our professional development.  Some things never change - core business, planning, and managerial skills are as essential today as they were decades ago.  But we also need to envision the future - what skills are going to be needed in the next 3, 5, 10 years?

My prediction for the quality profession?  Big Data.  I think anyone in management, quality, and/or process improvement needs the ability to understand data collection, analysis, trending, correlation, and modeling.  Figure out what's right for you and own your destiny!  

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